Body treatments

Back cleaning

peeling, deep cleansing, mask, concluding with a nurturing cream.

65 € (ca. 45 min.)

Bioenergetic cellulite treatment

Water and fat reduction is stimulated by the principle of cold and warm. The tissue is detoxified, strengthened and tightened.

75 € (ca. 50 min.)

Bioenergetic body treatment

After a purging of the adenoid tissue your skin will be strengthenend and revitalized.

140 € (ca. 80 min.)

Mignon bioenergetic body treatment Yin Yang

The creamy applications nourish treated body parts with important nutrients and care agents. The treated body parts are wrapped up in damp or dry cloths. Thanks to the heat, the active agents can develop on the skin in a perfect way. A real energy source for body and spirit. At the same time, the skin is supplied with minerals and nutrients, strengthened and tightened.

92 € (ca. 50 min.)

Body Wrap Piroche

Wrapped in cloths with individual active agents you relax on a daybed. A light massage intensifies the effect.

65 € (ca. 50 min)

South Tyrolean Hay bath

South Tyrolean Hay bath

It stimulates the circulation, relaxes tense muscles and tendons, and stimulates health-promoting hormones

92 € (ca. 50 min)

Mignon Softpack Baths

Soft pack applications are among the most comfortable wellness applications. The soft pack couch encapsulates you comfortably, with water at body temerature you will feel as though you are floating. At a temperature of roughly 37 °C you will experience complete relaxation of your muscles and support system.

Algae | Stimulates the metabolism. Evening primerose oil | Regenerates the skin and refines the pores. Saline solution | mineralising and purifying effect Grape pomace | circulation-stimulating and revitalizing Arnica | refreshing and invigorating effect, mostly recommanded after sports activities Swiss Stone pine | against rheumatic and muscle pain Fango | against muscular tensions, backache and joint pain

57 € (ca. 25 min)
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