Far Eastern Massages

Mukabhyanga-ayurveda head and face massage

45 € (ca. 25 min)

Padabhyanga-ayurveda Foot massage up to the knees

45 € (ca. 25 min)

Ayurveda package "Trio"

for her

Peeling Garshan, face and head massage Mukabhyanga, feet massage Padabhyanga

115 € (ca. 75 min)

for him

peeling massage Ubtan, back massage Abhyanga and feet and knee

115 € (ca. 75 min)

Energy with Ayurveda

Energy with Ayurveda

Body wrap with ayurvedic herbs, which regenerate the ph-value of your skin, hereafter you can enjoy an ayurvedic full body massage and in the end we will serve a cup of ayurvedic tea.

140 € (ca. 80 min.)


Ayurvedic full body massage

79 € (ca. 50 min.)
123 € (ca. 80 min.)

Shirodara forehead affusion

Shirodara forehead affusion

This calms the entire nervous system and is a unique experience. Inner peace and harmony as well as lightness activate a current of healing substances from our internal body chemistry and they help especially in cases of neurovegetative malfunction and states of exhaustion.

69 € (ca. 25 min)
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