Full body massage

Full body massage

Deep tissue massage to work on tension,
on your muscular system and also to reduce stress.

69 € (ca. 45 min)

Partial body massage

43 € (ca. 25 min)

5 full body massages

310 € (Package for 1 person)

5 partial body massages

195 € (Package for 1 person)

Herbal pistil massage with mountain herbs

The stamps are heated up and emit a refreshing and at the same time relaxing scent. The agreeable humid heat of the stamps, causes a soft removal of dead skin parts so that skin cells get regenerated.

79 € (ca. 50 min)

South Tyrolean honey Massage

South Tyrolean honey Massage

for knees and ankles

39 € (ca. 20 min)

for legs and back

67 € (ca. 45 min)

Mignon massage with selected essential oils

Mignon massage with selected essential oils

Classic full body massage with selected ethereal oils. On request with relaxing, vitalizing, tightening effect.

69 € (ca. 45 min)

Foot pressure massage

Foot pressure massage is the application of pressure, stretch and movement on feet and hands to activate the connection to the corresponding part of the body. By applying these techniques a massage therapist can alleviate patterns of stress.

65 € (ca. 45 min)

Lomi Lomi - hawaiian massage

Lomi Lomi - hawaiian massage

The Lomi-Lomi massage is a natural treatment and a comprehensive massage. After this unique treatment with exquisite oils you will feel relaxed and free of pain.

93 € (ca. 50 min)

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage

The Hot Stone massage is a unique and very effective method. This is a full-body massage with warm aroma oil and lava stones which achieves deep relaxation of the muscles.

87 € (ca. 50 min)

La Stone Massage

LaStone therapy is the application of geo-thermotherapy, using heated and chilled stones (temp. of the stones penetrates deeply into the tissue) alternating with chilled stones, to activate the chemical release in the body.

98 € (ca. 50 min)


Performed by an external certified therapist

60 € (ca. 30 min)
85 € (ca. 45 min)

Full body massage with warm olive oil

the oil originated from the Botanic Gardens of Castle Trauttmansdorff

70 € (ca. 45 min)

Bioenergetic back treatment

Pure relaxation for muscles and skin tissue. Essential oils help ease tense muscles while a warming seaweed pack gives you a lasting sense of wellbeing.

73 € (ca. 50 min)

Energetic spinal column massage

by Rudolf Breuss

42 € (ca. 25 min)

Ayurveda Massages

The name Ayurveda comes from the ancient Indian language and is made up of two
words: Ayus (life) and Veda (science). The aim is an efficient purification of the organism
from toxins and the strengthening of the immune system. The Ayurvedan art of healing
always implements massage techniques with oil.

Ayurveda package "Trio"

for her

Peeling Garshan, face and head massage Mukabhyanga, feet massage Padabhyanga

110 € (ca. 75 min)

for him

peeling massage Ubtan, back massage Abhyanga and feet and knee

110 € (ca. 75 min)

Energy with Ayurveda

Energy with Ayurveda

Body wrap with ayurvedic herbs, which regenerate the ph-value of your skin, hereafter you can enjoy an ayurvedic full body massage and in the end we will serve a cup of ayurvedic tea.

135 € (ca. 80 min.)


Ayurvedic full body massage

75 € (ca. 50 min.)
120 € (ca. 80 min.)

Shirodara forehead affusion

Shirodara forehead affusion

This calms the entire nervous system and is a unique experience. Inner peace and harmony as well as lightness activate a current of healing substances from our internal body chemistry and they help especially in cases of neurovegetative malfunction and states of exhaustion.

69 € (ca. 25 min)
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