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Pool- and Sauna area

We all have remembers of happiness. Warmth and water let us turn back to our old paradise feelings.
We loose all the weights – not only the weights of our soul. Water is very good for the body.
The impetus let disappear our weight. Our spinal column and muscles which normally have to work against the gravitational pull of earth can relax and feel the weightlessness.

Water is the most natural beauty product: the soft mechanic attractions activate the blood circulation
and repair the elasticity of the body.

Bamboo Hypertermae

To have a sauna keeps well and fit!
The curing effect of high temperatures and low humidity is unchallenged.

Four seasons

According to the seasons this sauna changes temperature and humidity.
To satisfy all the necessities of the body.

All senses

Let affect fragrances, sound and colours to all your senses
and feel the pleasant energy of this unique combination.

Mediterranean Parcour

Walk through the adventuorus Mediterranean Parcou and feel never felt sensations.

Glacier Ice

Cool your relaxed body after having a sauna with glacier ice
and feel the fresh and tightening effect

Sun Oasis

Experience meridional flair, let you tan
and enjoy the world of sun, beach and sea...


Inhale precious minerals, salts and aromas...
You will feel open the respiratory tracts..


This pleasurable humid-warm temperature invites to stay and relax

Bamboo Forrest

Listen to the wild waterfall imbedded in warm rock beds

Mountain view sauna

Biosauna with wonderful mountain view and relaxation room on our rooftop terrace

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