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Sauna Refugium

Sweating made to measure

Since the pleasant effect of heat is felt differently
is perceived differently, we have designed the Park Spa
sauna retreat in a variety of ways and have created zones
for different needs.

Here, too, the Far Eastern influence is combined
with Mediterranean components

Being one with yourself.

Four Seasons - the four seasons sauna:
Depending on the season, the body has different
needs. The temperature and humidity
are therefore optimally adapted to your seasonal
adapted to you.

Bamboo Hyperthermae:
85°, humidity 20%. For all those who like it
really hot. The healing effect of
high temperature and low humidity
is undisputed.

Temperature 38°, humidity 70%. This
pleasant warm and humid temperature is relaxing
and is especially suitable for those who do not
who do not tolerate heat well.

Salina Grotto:
42°, humidity 100%. You inhale valuable
minerals, salts and aromas that open the respiratory
open the airways.

All Senses:
Let flavors, sounds and colors
senses and feel the soothing power of this unique combination.
power of this unique combination.

Glacier Ice:
After the sauna, the ice provides cooling
and tightens the connective tissue.

Roof Garden:
Fireworks for the senses

Mountain View Bio Sauna
Dress On, 60°. This medium-hot sauna experience
can be enjoyed in the roof garden with a view of the magnificent
mountain panorama.

An experience in itself:
The 35° roof terrace whirlpool

Close to heaven.

Let the silence work

It lowers blood pressure and replenishes mental resources
the brain can take a break `from` the constant
from constant sorting of information.
It allows us to draw strength.

That is why we have created various retreats with
a lot of privacy.

You just pick your favorite places.

The soul has time to dangle.

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